As you’re probably aware;  ADSL2+ broadband technology today is the most common while also being outdated only to be revived by the NBN in some form being: Fiber to the Node. Though not wholly copper, the node has fibre technology, but the basic speed is that of ADSL then there’s NBN that’s been being pushed through by internet providers in Australia. Others don’t feel the need to apply for NBN because the FTTN connection is underwhelming, or just fine having ADSL speeds so long as there’s a connection, So what do we really look for in an internet connection? Continue reading →


6 Tips to Manage Your Data Usage at Home

Smart devices on top of a laptop

Are you subscribed to unlimited NBN plans? Or are you on a monthly capped plan? Whatever your choice of data plan, it is crucial that you watch your data consumption to ensure your connection doesn’t get slowed down or even cut. And yes, even “unlimited” plans are subject to shaping under the fair use policies, though fortunately, excessive usage is defined far beyond what even a heavy data user can consume within a month.

If you want to continue enjoying fast download rates, here are some tips to manage your data and make the most out of your monthly data allowance.

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ISP scouting: Click Broadband (Australia)

Heads up! We got a new Internet Service Provider from Australia! Promising unlimited nbn plans, and adsl type plans with no contracts:

Introducing Click Broadband!

Logo of Click Broadband Australia

Who are they?

For certain I just heard about them recently and apparently their website is rather new as well (Update: it’s being updated.)

As introduction: They say they are an established provider of telecommunications services within Australia.

Services they provide are NBN (National Broadband Network) ADSL2+ (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line) and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services.

Based on what I’ve read they claim that they operate on one of the largest telecommunications network in the world which enables them to provide the ability to give subscribers cheaper access without compromising quality or efficiency.

Long story short, they offer cheap but reliable internet.

Kinda like Telstra eh?

Now to see how they differ from the rest

Yeah we’ve all heard it before. The promises of fast internet, cheap promos and etc. so let’s take a look on what they offer. I’ve only seen two services so far so here we go:


Lowest Unlimited NBN plan offers 12 megabytes per second (I envy you people, I live in the Philippines)

It’s a month to month basis plan with just the standard stuff and the lowest offer is around $58.88 per month

But the cool thing here is that plans are flexible. You get to configure how you want it.

Click broadband's best nbn plans


Now for ADSL, actually the plans don’t differ in terms of price. Personally I’d go for NBN if you ask me. Same fanfare, can make your own plan if you desire. Though this is a good fallback if you can’t apply for NBN service.

ADSL cheap broadband plans

If you want to get quotations or test things out, check their website:




My Thoughts:

I’m no Aussie but these deals makes me wonder if ours can be cheaper like that. lol
Look at it this way, I live in the Philippines and we pay extra for other things. Want fast internet? (fast like 10 Mbps… sarcastic yay but at least it’s unlimited though.) How about paying Php 2100 a month?

For earning like 10k a month, that’s a bit pricey for crappy service, and don’t get me started about internet with data capping! (YES I’m looking at you straight in the eye Globe Telecom!)

I’d be happy with your internet, just waiting for the OK signal for Telstra to swing by our place. (NTC, please, let em in.)

Go ahead and try this one out, I’m looking forward to hear from Click Broadband subscribers.

Your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

(Update: They’re adjusting prices and plans to suit subscribers needs better)