David Bowie Predicted the Internet Right

There’s a Starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’ll blow our minds.

Blew my mind he did after stumbling into his interview that you’ll see more about as we go on.

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ISP Scouting: Broadband for the Rural North (United Kingdom)

Do it yourself internet connection

I’ll get to it in a bit, but for now let me apologize for my lack of research from a recent article and as such I’ll be linking it here. Yes it’s about NBN and as a service I thought it was gonna be simple but boy oh boy I was wrong.

Heck I even announced one ISP because I thought NBN was good. The ISP might be good, but the service offered which is NBN is a different story. I admit I haven’t even heard of NBN before so I thought it was purely an internet service that we haven’t adopted yet. Yep I was wrong.

And about my eagerness to let Telstra do business here in the Philippines? Very wrong too. Apparently their services are crap in Australia, we just thought it was better since it’s foreign and is an outside player. Now it’s a Chinese telecom they’re setting their sights on, and I personally think we don’t need that and whether you’ll like my point or not, I’ll show you why.

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6 Tips to Manage Your Data Usage at Home

Smart devices on top of a laptop

Are you subscribed to unlimited NBN plans? Or are you on a monthly capped plan? Whatever your choice of data plan, it is crucial that you watch your data consumption to ensure your connection doesn’t get slowed down or even cut. And yes, even “unlimited” plans are subject to shaping under the fair use policies, though fortunately, excessive usage is defined far beyond what even a heavy data user can consume within a month.

If you want to continue enjoying fast download rates, here are some tips to manage your data and make the most out of your monthly data allowance.

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How to Check if you Got a Slot for PLDT Fibr

Survey Like a Technician

Tired of asking PLDT if you got a slot for a fibr connection only to get a frustrating response that you can’t apply for a connection since it’s full? And then being asked if you want to upgrade your plan application so you could get a connection? Bummer right?Well to save you the hassle, I can show you the way on how it works and how to check it without having to open the box.

But of course you’d be asking this first: What the heck should I look for?

Okay, lemme show you what you need to look at:

Network Access Points (NAP)

NAP on an electric post

Yes, this black box right here is a Network Access Point. It houses all the fiber optic cables connected to it and that’s the conduit that makes the connection from there to your house then to the router.

View of an open network access point from blow

Now if you look here, you’ll see a field technician doing his work. He just opened up the box, this one’s silver and it’s a new one. Yep, there are newer NAP models out there so just check the coding that you saw above (LP 15 NP 7)

How many slots does it hold though?

Now we’ll take a closer look.

Close up view of  a NAP

See those gray connectors on the right side? Yes, with those blue tips? Those are SC connectors or Standard Connectors/Subscriber Connectors which are connected to the ports as you can see. You’ll count from the bottom and you’ll see eight of them connected. That’s the maximum capacity for a single NAP unless it’s a double NAP that houses 16 connections. Why don’t they install double NAPs instead? The standard is only the 8 connection capacity since it’s not guaranteed that every subscriber would line up for a connection, building one and if it gets unused is just a waste of resources it seems.

Time to Think Outside the Box

Now for the main event, showing you the innards of the NAP might be nifty but you can’t just get a ladder and try to pry it open. The law would be on your arse if you try to do just that so we’ll try an easy method that would require your 20/20 eyeballs and sun glare resistance.

NAP loop guide

See those loops down there? Yeah, those dangling wires. That’s the secret to knowing if you still got a slot.

If you count em above you’ll get either 5 or 6, depends on how well your eyesight is.

I count 5.

A close approximation is enough. If you count 5 or 6 then that’s good to go. Immediately apply for one. And if you count 6-7, Your chances may be slim, but there is hope, go ask your neighbors if they still use that line so you could get a connection, you could trace it from there to their homes.

That would save you time taking a trip to PLDT’s business offices or calling to know if you got a slot. And if you’re applying for a connection, list down the LP and NP and how many slots there is so you could get a technician to install your fiber connection ASAP.

Happy for you, Still Sad for myself

Though handy as this may seem, I myself couldn’t  get a connection since the slots are full. And NAPs that are further away would cost me extra if I want a connection so I’m gonna ask Converge if they can provide me a 5 Mbps connection. Piss poor I know but that’s the cheapest offer around  Php 1299.

Sure wish we got better internet connection and choices in the coming years. There’s an Internet Service Provider from Australia which I did a review about in the last article that offers unlimited internet too and for Australians it’s cheap. If we can have NBN connection, maybe there’s hope after all.

Still gonna find the better provider. I hope this article is helpful to future applicants.