6 Tips to Manage Your Data Usage at Home

Smart devices on top of a laptop

Are you subscribed to unlimited NBN plans? Or are you on a monthly capped plan? Whatever your choice of data plan, it is crucial that you watch your data consumption to ensure your connection doesn’t get slowed down or even cut. And yes, even “unlimited” plans are subject to shaping under the fair use policies, though fortunately, excessive usage is defined far beyond what even a heavy data user can consume within a month.

If you want to continue enjoying fast download rates, here are some tips to manage your data and make the most out of your monthly data allowance.

Watch your data usage

Monitoring your monthly data usage gives you an idea of how much you are using and when should you slow down to avoid exceeding your caps. Start by finding out exactly how much data is included in your plan. Then, watch the size of information being downloaded that affects your cap. There are various ways to do this either thru utilizing free or paid software or applying these hacks at home.

Keep an eye on those devices

Aside from your data usage, it also pays to monitor the number of devices connected to your data plan. Research shows that the average Australian home has 8 internet-connectable devices, and that number is expected to grow in the future. Don’t be too surprised if you reach your data cap early in the month when your connected devices go beyond this number.

Monitor what’s happening in the background

Speaking of shared devices, it is also crucial to keep an eye on those gadgets. Automatic updates installed in devices such as Windows and Mac happens frequently, which can consume data without your knowledge. (I turn off automatic updates so I know what’s up)

Looking into these can save you a great deal of data to avoid exceeding your monthly cap.


Minimize streaming

Streaming HD videos on Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video all the time is one sure way to go beyond the fair use of your unlimited NBN plan. The same goes for online games, especially with detailed 3D graphics that needs downloading. Be mindful of how you use these services as well family members who are also streaming on their mobile devices.


Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Always make sure your phone is set up to sign into Wi-Fi hotspots automatically whenever you are leaving your home. Phone and cable companies have a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots that can help you conserve data. Check out your broadband provider or carrier’s website for instructions on how to set up your phone.


Compress your data

Some apps are built to compress data that can improve the Internet’s speed. For instance, the latest version of Chrome browsers for Android & iOS optimizes content to improve mobile web browsing while reducing data usage. Other apps using data compression technology such as Onavo Extend can even decrease data usage by over 500%.


Managing your data usage is crucial if you want to maximize your monthly allowance and avoid breaching the fair use policy of your data plan. Always be mindful of your data usage and remember the tips above to keep your Internet connection from slowing down.







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