ISP Scouting: Broadband for the Rural North (United Kingdom)

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I’ll get to it in a bit, but for now let me apologize for my lack of research from a recent article and as such I’ll be linking it here. Yes it’s about NBN and as a service I thought it was gonna be simple but boy oh boy I was wrong.

Heck I even announced one ISP because I thought NBN was good. The ISP might be good, but the service offered which is NBN is a different story. I admit I haven’t even heard of NBN before so I thought it was purely an internet service that we haven’t adopted yet. Yep I was wrong.

And about my eagerness to let Telstra do business here in the Philippines? Very wrong too. Apparently their services are crap in Australia, we just thought it was better since it’s foreign and is an outside player. Now it’s a Chinese telecom they’re setting their sights on, and I personally think we don’t need that and whether you’ll like my point or not, I’ll show you why.

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As you’re probably aware;  ADSL2+ broadband technology today is the most common while also being outdated only to be revived by the NBN in some form being: Fiber to the Node. Though not wholly copper, the node has fibre technology, but the basic speed is that of ADSL then there’s NBN that’s been being pushed through by internet providers in Australia. Others don’t feel the need to apply for NBN because the FTTN connection is underwhelming, or just fine having ADSL speeds so long as there’s a connection, So what do we really look for in an internet connection? Continue reading →

6 Tips to Manage Your Data Usage at Home

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Are you subscribed to unlimited NBN plans? Or are you on a monthly capped plan? Whatever your choice of data plan, it is crucial that you watch your data consumption to ensure your connection doesn’t get slowed down or even cut. And yes, even “unlimited” plans are subject to shaping under the fair use policies, though fortunately, excessive usage is defined far beyond what even a heavy data user can consume within a month.

If you want to continue enjoying fast download rates, here are some tips to manage your data and make the most out of your monthly data allowance.

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